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GTO Ranges is a collection (125) of unexploitable calling and raising ranges for No Limit Holdem.
These have been calculated with custom software. In order to play an unexploitable strategy many hands will use a mixed strategy of raising and calling. GTO Ranges will randomly select a number and display the range indicating if you should raise or call with the hands that use a mixed strategy. The next time that range is displayed a new number and range will be randomly generated. The calculated strategies include facing a raise, facing a 3-bet as pre flop raiser, facing a 4-bet as pre flop 3-bettor, when to squeeze and when to cold 4-bet.

The betsizes that have been used in the calculations are the following:
3x raise, 9x 3b (IP) 10x 3b (OOP), 22x 4b (vs 9x 3b) 23x 4b (vs 10x 3b), 5b all-in.
2.5x raise, 8x 3b(IP) 9x 3b (OOP), 21.5x 4b, 21x 4b (vs 8x 3b) 21.5x 4b (vs 9x 3b), 5b all-in.
2x raise, 7.5x 3b, 21x 4b, 5b all-in.
Squeeze: Pot, for example SB vs 2x = 9x, 2.5x = 10.5x, 3x = 13x

Due to the great many variations of positions squeeze ranges have only been calculated as an average of the calling positions between the raiser and potential squeezer. To display the squeezing range press the button corresponding to the first raiser and your position and then squeeze. For example if you are on the Button facing an EP raise (usually 17%)  + caller (from MP or CO) then click BTN vs 17% and squeeze to display the range.

Strategies have been rounded so that 95%+ = 100% and 5%- = 0%.

If you face an unusual large 3b, 4b size then you can simulate this be clicking a tighter frequency. For example if you raise 2.5x on the button SB 3-bets (15%) to 11x, select vs 3-bet, IP vs 12% instead. The same could be done the other way also, selecting a 20% range if SB 3-bets (15%) to 7.5x.

The use of% might be a bit confusing but it is more flexible to use than having fixed positions. An EP raiser can sometimes play 21% of hands while a different player might play 21% on the CO.

In general:
17% = EP
21% = MP
27% = CO

These strategies are guidelines and do not guarantee any profit. No Limit Holdem is a complex game and we do not take any responsibility for the results that might occur after using this app.

Any questions please mail us: gtoranges @ this site